about us

about us

Learn from Professional dog trainer Cam McKinnon. Cam has an Extensive history of obedience and dog behavioural Training.

About Us

Complete K9 Brisbane is owned and operated by highly experienced Brisbane dog trainer Cam McKinnon. Cam has been handling and training  dogs since 1999.  Cam demonstrated a passion for attaining the absolute best out of his dogs and would spend countless hours studying how the best (and sometimes worst) dog trainers from around the world could achieve the maximum potential out of their dogs. This drive led him to achieve State, National and International recognition for his development of dog training portfolios within the working dog industry. This experience has been transferred across to the family dog industry through the commencement of Complete K9 Brisbane in June 2021. At Complete K9 Brisbane we believe that the two most important concepts of dog training are Engagement and Environmental Focus. These concepts are developed through the use of obedience system which offers a black and white form of communication.

Dog Training Concepts

In dog training terms, engagement is when your dog wants to be with you and whatever you have in your possession. A fully engaged dog will seek your attention and is enthusiastic. Your dog will be solely focussed on you and will initiate training by completing previously taught skills to seek rewards. This engagement makes your dog extra willing to respond to your commands in any environment and under distraction.

Is your dog super obedient at home, yet as soon as your walk through the front gate you have a completely different dog? When stressed, dogs have a very limited ability to problem solve. If your dog hasn’t been exposed to different environments from a young age and associates being away from home with stress. How can we expect your dog to be obedient while under stress? Cam will create a fully engaged dog who is environmentally strong. Each dog is different and requires a strategy that is suitable to your dog’s needs. 

What We Offer

Cam will provide immediate solutions to aggression, barking, pulling on lead, reactivity, resource guarding, separation anxiety, stress, toilet training, wildlife prevention and others. Cam will provide training in advanced and household obedience. crate, kennel or place training, loose leading walking, puppy imprinting, body cues/language, behavioural traits and calming signals. Cam also conducts behavioural assessments, puppy, development and mentor packages. 

Committed To Excellence

Cam developed a reputation of excellence in the working dog industry. This reputation has followed him into the family dog industry. This is evident by the large numbers of five star reviews already received since the inception of Complete K9. Cam places a huge focus on educating owners on the importance of fully understanding why their dogs behave in certain ways. Cam will resolve your dogs behavioural issues, reduce anxiety and stress, restore the pack structure and create a fully engaged, obedient dog. It is never too late to start and no problem is too big or small. Contact Cam today.