Group Anti-Aggression Packages

Our Group Anti-Aggression (or Anti-Reactivity) sessions are a valuable step forward for dogs ready to refine their social skills in a group setting. Building on the individual training foundations laid in our one-on-one sessions anti-aggression sessions, these group sessions are designed to further build your dog’s ability to interact peacefully and confidently with other dogs.

These sessions foster a supportive environment for both dogs and owners to grow and learn together.

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To deliver these group dog training sessions, we are joining forces with Jaye and Matt from “Your Dog Coach”.

These sessions will be held at Dash Dogz Daycare at 380 Bilsen Road, Geebung.

There will be a maximum of 7 to a class, with small and big dog breeds in different classes.

Who is the Group Anti-Aggression Training For?

Our Group Anti-Reactivity Sessions are specifically for:

  • Dogs that have successfully completed an individual anti-aggression training session with Cam and have been assessed as ready for group interaction.
  • Dogs displaying leash reactivity, fear, aggression, or social unease but are ready to take the next step in their training journey.

This service is designed for owners who wish to help their dogs overcome their reactivity and learn to navigate social settings more comfortably and confidently.

How It Works

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All dogs must have completed a one-on-one session with Cam to ensure they are up to the challenges and dynamics of group training.

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Sessions are tailored specifically to small or large breed, with a maximum of eight dogs per class, ensuring personalised attention and safety.

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Dogs remain on-leash during sessions to maintain control and focus. The groups are carefully managed to provide a stimulating but safe environment to practice and learn.

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The session includes guidance on dog posturing, understanding and using calming signals, managing “the bubble effect,” and mastering de-escalation techniques. Focus exercises and timely correction methods are also used to help each dog achieve the best possible outcomes.

Participants in our Group Anti-Reactivity Sessions can expect:

  • A marked reduction in reactivity as dogs learn to stay calm and focused even when their ‘bubble’ is challenged.
  • Enhanced understanding and usage of de-escalation techniques that owners can apply in a wide range of situations.
  • Greater confidence in handling social interactions, leading to more enjoyable and stress-free experiences in dog-friendly public settings.

For some dogs, adaptation to group settings and techniques may take additional time, and in rare cases, some may be deemed unsuitable for group work due to high levels of stress or aggression. But most participants will notice significant improvements and feel empowered to engage in more social activities with their dogs.


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