Anti-Aggression Packages

Our Anti-Aggression (or Reactivity) sessions are designed to address, reduce and remove issues such as aggression, stress and anxiety in dogs.

Whether it’s lead reactivity or anxiety around environmental distractions, our tailored approach helps to build your dog’s social skills while improving their behavioural response to their environment.

Photo of a reactive dog pulling on the leash and barking

Who is the Anti-Aggression Training For?

If your dog:

  • pulls on their lead
  • barks and lunges at other dogs
  • is hyper vigilant
  • shows dramatic changes in body cues or posturing, and
  • demonstrates calming signals, high pitch screaming, over stimulation, stress, fear aggression and defensive pure aggression

this training can lead to dramatic changes for your dog, yourself and your shared environment.

This service is ideally suited for dog owners who experience challenging behaviours from their pets in public settings or at home. If your dog exhibits aggression or anxiety (particularly in response to other dogs, people, vehicles or moving objects like bikes and scooters), our training sessions can provide significant relief and behavioural improvements.

Dogs that are reactive on the leash, demonstrate fear, aggression, or struggle to cope in social settings will definitely benefit from our structured, proven training approach.

How It Works

Our Anti-Aggression Dog Training package begins with a comprehensive phone consultation where Cam gathers detailed information about your dog’s behaviour, previous training experiences, and specific reactivity triggers. This initial chat is essential for customising the training sessions to fit your dog’s unique needs.

Graphic of dog paw with the number 1 inside.

Session 1 (90 minutes)

Focuses on managing and undoing lead pressure, introducing loose lead walking beside the owner and conditioning the dog to respond positively to commands. This session also covers the fundamentals of dog psychology, calming signals, and understanding the “bubble” of reactive space around your dog.

Graphic of dog paw with the number 1 inside.

Session 2 (60 minutes)

Held in a controlled environment like a dog park, this session reinforces the positive behaviours introduced in the first session. It aims to minimise the reactivity bubble and improve your dog’s ability to interact calmly around other dogs and environmental triggers.

Graphic of dog paw with the number 1 inside.

Session 3 (60 minutes)

Depending on the progress from previous sessions, this could involve practicing in more stimulating environments like beaches or busy market areas to further embed the training, or a focused reinforcement session at the dog park if needed.

Throughout the sessions, we employ a range of techniques including the use of proper equipment, the four quadrants of dog training, and the marker system to ensure clear, effective communication and learning.

As a result of working with us in our Anti-Aggression Dog Training packages, you can expect a transformation in your dog’s behaviour. You’ll have a more relaxed, responsive pet that walks calmly on a loose lead and shows improved tolerance and more acceptable social behaviour towards both dogs and humans.

Most clients report a significant reduction in stress levels – both their own and their dog’s – during walks and in social settings, thanks to a better understanding of dog behaviour and body cues. For those few dogs that require further intervention, referral to a specialised vet is available to address extreme cases through medical support.

Our training not only changes behaviours but also empowers owners, enhancing the bond between you and your pet and giving you peace of mind. Gain confidence in understanding and managing your dog’s behaviour, transforming your daily walks and life with your dog into enjoyable, stress-free experiences.


Three session package.

Includes a free No Pressure Lead, valued at $50.


Total value of $820, discounted to $690.

Cam really helped us with our anxious kelpie who was an absolute stress merchant on walks (triggered by other dogs and people). Cam knew straight away what her triggers were and got to work with fixing them and showing and explaining to us what she was thinking and how to read her queues. We have been able to adjust our walking and use the techniques Cam taught us and we have seen a great improvement! Cam is a natural with dogs and it didn’t take long for our dog to feel comfortable with him which made the lesson easy. See our before and after session photos!! Highly recommend!

Elicia Jane

Luca's Owner (via Google)

We got Cam in last year to help us with our rescue German Shepherd, who was lead, bike, motor bike reactive, he helped us so much. And each time when our dog presented with another behavioral issue, we would get Cam in to help us, we now have a fantastic dog. We were so impressed with Cam, when we rescued another dog we got Cam in to help us with the initial meet and greet with our other 2 dogs, and a couple of follow up sessions and our new rescue is going so well. We highly recommend Cam. Thanks Cam, you have made our life so much easier.

Tonya S

Barney and Boz's Owner (via Google)

Prior to starting with Cam, we were really struggling with managing Käiser’s reactivity to people and dogs. Walks were very stressful, with us crossing the street and hiding behind cars to avoid triggering his reactivity. Käiser’s reactivity to dogs could start from 100m.
In our first session, Cam had us walking Käiser past half of the church congregation up the street from us – on the same footpath! In our following sessions with Cam, Käiser was learning to make doggy friends again.

Our training journey with Käiser is continuing, as we build up his confidence. We are very excited to see the progress we’re making with Käiser, thank you Cam.

Kate Jeffrey

Kaiser's owner (via Google)


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