Body Corporate / Apartment Complex Training

Designed for multi-residential communities where dogs are not just pets but members of the community, our Body Corporate / Apartment Complex Training services aim to create better understanding among residents and their dogs to create a pet-friendly environment.

Dog training for people living in apartments

Who is our Body Corporate / Apartment Complex Dog Training For?

This service is made for:

  • Body corporates or managers of apartment complexes or multi-residential complexes where dogs are allowed
  • Communities looking to improve the atmosphere and relationships between residents and create a more peaceful, pet-friendly environment.

How It Works

Graphic of a red paw print with the outline of a puppy in the middle

Session Structure

Held in your apartment complex’s designated common areas, these sessions run for one hour and are capped at five dogs per instructor to ensure a controlled and focused environment.

Graphic of paw print with an image of a woman giving a dog a treat

Training Focus

Sessions are organized based on the dogs’ sizes and developmental stages (puppies, small breeds, or large breeds). Each session is designed to teach general obedience and reinforce the bond between dogs and their owners. Using a combination of the marker system and strategies from the four quadrants of dog training, we address key areas such as dog psychology, body posturing, and calming signals

Graphic of a red paw print showing two owners and their dogs

Socialisation and interaction

The training also serves as a socialisation opportunity, allowing residents to connect with other dog owners in the complex, facilitating a community spirit and shared responsibility towards maintaining a positive environment.

Participants of our Body Corporate and Apartment Complex Training Sessions can look forward to:

  • A noticeable decrease in dog reactivity within common areas such as corridors and lifts, making everyday encountered less stressful.
  • Enhanced obedience and improved focus in dogs, helping to prevent issues such as excessive barking or jumping on neighbours.
  • Improved knowledge on how to manage and reduce environmental stimulation, which is particularly useful in densely populated living spaces.

From reducing unwanted behaviours to enhancing social interactions, our training sessions provide practical and emotional benefits that resonate throughout your community. Equip your residents with the tools and knowledge to co-exist and create a calm and positive atmosphere.


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