Brand new Board and Train services offered by Complete K9. Individually designed programs to cater for your needs. Puppy and Adult obedience. Stress free Walking, reactivity Training. Anxiety reduction. Behavioural Modification. 

Private or Board and Train Services.


Individually designed board and train services catered to your dog’s needs. Benefit from Cam’s over 24 years of training and handling law enforcement dogs. Looking for a crash course in obedience training? Wanting extensive stress free walking sessions? Looking to minimise your dog’s reactivity? Board and Train with Cam is the perfect option for you. Family orientated accomodation is provided for your dog. 


Let us give your puppy the best chance to develop into a calm well balanced dog. Our puppy training is designed to guide you through the most developmental period of your dogs life. Lessons include puppy imprinting, all obedience commands, loose lead walking, bed or grate training depending on your preference and requirements. Are you a new puppy owner? We will prepare you for the new arrival by puppy proofing your house and providing guidance on all puppy requirements. 


Struggling with getting your dog to focus or engage with you and need greater control?We will train both you and your dog in obedience using a tailored approach to you and your dog. You will benefit from Cam’s vast experience Puppy and adult dog obedience includes, sit, stay, stand, down, heel, recall, look commands. This also includes bed, crate or toilet training. Lessons on loose lead walking, dog, humans and other animal socialisation are available.

Cam places a huge focus on the understanding of body cues, calming signals, dog behavioural traits, verbal and non verbal cues. The importance of the pack structure, clear expectations and the connection this has with obedience will become evident.

Lessons are generally 1.5 hours in length. Up to three dogs can be included in a session. All sessions are private and conducted at your house, park or area of your choice.

Behavioural Training

Behavioural problems can normally be categorised into a number of contributing factors. We will identify why these behaviours occur and provide you with immediate solutions and strategies to resolve these issues.


Does your dog always appear stressed or anxious at home? Barking when you leave, at other dogs, the postie, a bird flying by? We can identify and rectify these issues and develop a fully engaged confident dog. 


Aggression can generally be separated into dog and human aggression. Generally this aggression can be traced back to fear and anxiety. We will reduce this aggression and provide you with the strategies to stress free living with your furry friend. 

Pulling on the Lead

Is your dog pulling on the lead, hyper vigilant, barking at dogs, cars, humans? Do you notice the intensity in your dog’s breathing? It all comes back to the same answer. Your dog does not want to be in front and have to take control! We will resolve this for you with simple technique and equipment adjustments. 

Socialisation/Body Cue Training

Are you worried your dog doesn’t know how to engage with other dogs? We will teach you simple techniques to condition your dog to become neutral around the pack. You will learn how to read your dogs body cues, control behaviour and gain greater understanding of how and why your dog behaves around other dogs. Sessions are focussed around off- lead dog parks.

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