Dog Obedience Training Sessions

In our Dog Obedience Training sessions, we foster not just good behaviour but a deep, understanding relationship between you and your dog. These sessions are designed to set up the foundations of obedience and solve any behavioural challenges in both adult dogs and puppies.

From anxious dogs to those showing signs of distress through continuous barking, chewing or property damage, our personalised dog training approach is designed to create a calm, well-behaved canine companion.

Photo of Cam McKinnon training a daschund og in obedience

How It Works

Our dog obedience training sessions are personalised and can accommodate up to three dogs from the same household. Each session can last from 1 to 2.5 hours, depending on the needs and progress of your dog.

Graphic showing a dog's paw print with a man and dog image inside.

Training Approach

We use a straightforward and proven obedience system focused on minimising conflict and enhancing your dog’s problem-solving abilities. Our training uses marker systems – either a clicker or a verbal “yes” – to clearly communicate and link commands with appropriate consequences.

Graphic of dog footprint with a target inside

Focus Areas

We emphasise the importance of safe areas like beds, crates or kennels to teach control and encourage a calm state. Training reinforces essential commands such as sit, stay, watch, down, and is adaptable for both on and off-lead scenarios.

Graphic of paw print with an image of a woman giving a dog a treat

Education and Support

We provide detailed guidance on dog psychology, body language, and calming signals. We teach you the correct use of rewards, voice inflection and non-verbal cues to enhance communication between you and your dog.

When we work with you in our Obedience Training, you will see marked improvements in your dog’s behaviour, including:

  • Reduction or resolution of unwanted behaviours such as barking, jumping, digging, and chewing
  • Enhanced dog obedience and engagement with you as the dog owner, leading to quicker resolution of negative behaviours
  • A more balanced and calm dog, which you will maintain through consistent practice and reinforcement.

This training addresses the biggest behavioural issues, but also sets the stage for long-term good habits and obedience. 

Photo of a well-trained black labrador on his bed.



graphic of one dog inside a clock

One Dog, One Hour


graphic of one dog inside a clock

One Dog, 1.5 Hours


Two dogs inside a clock

Two Dogs, 1.5 Hours


Two dogs inside a clock

Two Dogs, 2 Hours


Travel time and distances may affect these prices. These include puppy and adult obedience.


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30 Minutes


Graphic of a laptop with a female owner and dog training on the screen

60 Minutes


Cam came over to help us with our 5 month old Belgian Malinois x German Shepherd, Arlo.
Cam is so helpful and knowledgeable! He is so engaging and Arlo was very responsive to him straight away. Cam was great at hearing our issues and working with us to get the most out of meeting with him. He had easy and simple techniques and demonstrated all in front of us and with us! He is very patient and very personable. Couldn’t rate him more highly!

Rebecca Ryan

Arlo's Owner (via Google)

So incredibly pleased with our first training session today with Cam. I went in feeling very anxious. Cam built a trusting relationship with our pup very quickly and I saw immediate results. We have a way to go but I feel like I now have some positive tools to work with. We had our first meal in a long time without the crazy dachshund yelping at us for attention but calmly resting on his bed

Liesl Hop

Gus's Owner (via Google)

Our 14 month old German Shepherd, Glory, had separation anxiety and was very destructive. Cam explained the behaviour to us, the causes and effects, which enabled us to understand our dog better and gave us a coping strategy, which we are practising with Glory and in just one week we have not had any destruction! Thank you, Cam!

Ruth Saunak

Glory's owner (via Google)


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