Photo of a reactive dog pulling on the leash and barking

Anti-Aggression Packages

Common behaviours linked with reactivity or aggression include pulling on lead, barking, lunging at dogs, hyper-vigilance, dramatic change in body posture, stress, anxiety, and aggression.

Our anti-aggression packages lead to dramatic changes for the dog, the owner and their shared environment.

Photo of Cam McKinnon training a daschund og in obedience

Obedience Training

Our obedience training is aimed at providing solutions to general disobedience at home, plus advanced obedience or puppy imprinting sessions aimed at building the foundations for a calm, well-balanced dog.

Puppy participating in puppy training with Complete K9 Brisbane

Puppy Training

Let us give your puppy the best chance to develop into a calm, well-behaved dog. Our puppy training is designed to guide you through the most important developmental stage of your dog’s life.


Group Anti-Aggression Packages

These sessions are small and big breed specific, designed to eliminate/reduce reactivity and provide socialisation in a controlled group environment. All clients will have had to complete an individual one-on-one session to ensure they are ready to attend the group sessions.

Body Corporate / Apartment Block Training

These sessions are designed as a socialisation opportunity for both dog and owners, and aim to reduce issues of reactivity in common areas (including lifts). They provide education on apartment living for dogs.